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Lens & Frame


PC Lenses

Made from tough stuff called Polycarbonate, these lenses are optically correct, lightweight, shatter proof and blocks out 99.9 – 100% of the suns UVA & UVB rays in all shades even clear!

PU Lenses

Made from tougher stuff called Polyurethane, these lenses have a higher impact resistance than Polycarbonate and are 10% lighter than PC. These PU lenses are optically superior, solvent resistant and have a high thermal stability rating.

Lens Markings

As specified by AS/NZS 1337.1, all approved medium impact products must indicate relevant markings as follows;

Scope lens mark

The letter C indicates the product is approved for liquid splash.

The letter I indicates Medium Impact Approved

The letter M indicates the product has been approved for Molten Metal/Hot Solids

The letter O indicates the lens can be used either indoors or out and mainly seen on clear and amber lenses. They will filter out all UV but not glare.

The number indicates the lens shade approved for Gas Welding as per AS/NZS 1338


The majority of our range consists of two main material types:


It’s strong, light weight and depending on the frame design can also be slightly adjusted for fit, co-moulded with rubber compounds will provide a lightweight and extremely comfortable fit.


No big secret to this material – bend it, stretch it, and twist it – it’s almost unbreakable. Depending on the level of humidity, nylon frames will also naturally absorb atmospheric moisture making them softer and more flexible.